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Seven leg exercises to get ready for skiing!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Many of my customers ask about 'ski fitness' and how best to prepare for ski trips. Skiing is for everyone of all ages, so whether you're preparing to cruise along to all available bars, or getting ready for tackling major expeditions, some pre trip leg exercises will help you to enjoy your skiing.

Here are my seven favourite leg exercises to help get your legs in shape for your next ski trip. No gym or equipment required. These are some of my favourites if you want to workout at home in the lead up to a ski trip. My recommendation is to run these consecutively in a circuit, 45 sec per exercise with 15 seconds of rest, extend or reduce the rest periods depending on your current level of fitness.

Here is an overview of the circuit:

  1. Alternating lunges

  2. Single leg hip thrusters - left leg

  3. Single leg hip thruster - right leg

  4. Calf raises

  5. Speed squats

  6. Side lunges

  7. Ski sit

This was a session I did in Vietnam in the lead up to our trip to Niseko in Japan. If you are interested in other ways to get your body piste ready, Take a look at:

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