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My favourite 7 post-ski stretches

The legs seem to get stiffer each year, whatever sport I partake in, and the recovery time gets longer. Most of us have one or two weeks per season on the slopes, so each day is precious. I have discovered, spending 15 minutes stretching after skiing really pays dividends towards the end of the week in how my legs feel, allowing me to ski harder for longer. I've been pretty lucky enough to avoid any major injuries in the 30 years I have been skiing. Statistically most injuries occur at the start or end of most holidays. Warming up and cooling down properly before and after skiing is key to avoiding injury and fatigue so you can enjoy your time on the mountains.

I like to use a resistance band to help hold a stretch a little longer and deeper. Here is a link to some on amazon to purchase some, they take up no space in the suitcase. Here are my favourite stretches post skiing to keep your legs feeling good:

  1. Hamstring Stretch (both legs). Keep both legs and back of the knee on the floor

  2. Banded Hamstring stretch (right and left leg).

  3. Banded Crossover Stretch. This is stretch the glutes and lateral hamstring.

  4. Lying Banded Quad Stretch

  5. Downward Dog

  6. Cobra Pose

  7. Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Any time spent stretching after skiing is better than no time stretching, but I would recommending trying to hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds. For other ski fitness blogs take a look at:

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