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New season, new workshop

For me the summer is typically a time to get our on my bike, work on the golf handicap and maybe take a trip to get some sunshine. But over the past 6 months we've been working hard to update our workshop to allow us to service more skis and snowboards more efficiently and create a better environment for our customers to visit us.

The original workshop when we moved in (2021)

As many of our customers know, we moved about a mile to a new location in Bromley last season. With that, we moved our workshop to give our customers more availability to drop off their equipment for a service and even offer a while-you-wait service.

The workshop was perfectly fine, with enough space to work on ski equipment and store tools. The downsides were it was cold some evenings, the floors were hard, so not great for stacking skis and we had a poor storage solution for our tools:

Over the summer we have:

  • Installed a new softer floor

  • Insulated, boarded and painted the walls

  • Maximised space for ski and board storage

  • Installed our chairlift art work

  • Built a cleat wall for easy access to tools whilst working

  • Hung a TV to show ski races though the winter!

The new workshop is designed for us to be able to service more customers with increased availability to drop equipment with us. It's also a space for us to display some of our upcycled Aprés Ski products which we sell through our website.

We're looking forward to welcome new and existing customers back to our new workshop to get your skis in shape for your trips. Head over to our booking page to book in your equipment in for a service before the busy season hits!

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