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Seven great ideas from our ski themed wedding!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Given the pandemic has taken up most of the last year, it seems like a long time ago that I plucked up the courage to pop the question to my now wife, Maeve, in January 2020. Given we are both avid skiers, we got engaged the top of the Bellcotte glacier in La Plagne, France. After a morning full or nerves and multiple visits to the hip flask; thankfully she said yes!

We finally got married last December in Norfolk. As a pair of powder hounds, we wanted to bring the mountains to us and our guests for the day. Here are some of our ideas and plans for a great ski themed wedding:

1. Ski Easel

We used a ski easel for the seating plan for our wedding breakfast. I've seen others use it for the order of the day or to display photos or signs. This is one we made ourselves from retro skis. This is also available in our shop.

2. The Shot Ski

The shot ski guarantees to get the party started (or ended depending on how many you have!). The shot ski above is one we made for a friends stag party and below if from our wedding.

3. Ski resort table names

A nice way to share some of our favourite ski resorts and trips together.

4. Ski piste signage

I really like the look of these if you have a more complicated venue set up. As we got married in the depths of rural Norfolk, we made signed out of skis and ski poles to direct our guests to the venue from the main roads.

5. Wine bottle holder

Ok, this is actually one of our products. We used our ski bottle openers for red wine on our tables for the wedding breakfast, but it could also be used as an accessory for the bar.

6. The ski message book

I been trying to convince my wife that mounting some skis in the house is a good idea, now I've got the perfect excuse! I've signed a lot of message books at weddings recently, but signing skis or a snowboard is pretty unique.

7. The triangle wedding arch

As much as we would love to take the wedding and all our guests to the Alps, we can bring the mountains to us with these triangle wedding arches.

If your interested in any of our apres ski products for your wedding head to our shop or get in touch to discuss any bespoke items via our contact page.


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